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MTGE Application List

Thank you for applying for a mortgage with Centennial Lending Group.  We will be working with you to get your mortgage approved and to the settlement table on time with the least amount of problems.  To help that process along, I need you to send me the following (if applicable to you) -

The following information is usually required during the loan process:


  • W2’s Forms for 2011 and 2012- all borrowers/all jobs
  • Paystubs for most recent month of employment - all borrowers/all jobs
  • Copy of Drivers License or Government issued identification Copy of Green Card for resident alien (front and back)
  • Federal income tax returns (form 1040), with all schedules, for 2011 & 2012 if borrowers receive K-1, 1099 income, commission or reimbursement income
  • Fully executed gift letter, proof of donor’s ability, receipt & deposit of funds.
  • SELF EMPLOYED: If borrower and or/ co-borrower own(s) 25% or more of any business also provide business tax returns.
  • (Please note: Self employed borrowers may be required to supply a year-to-date profit and loss financial statement)
  • Letter from accountant stating type of business and how long established
  • Return fully executed leases for any owned properties (all pages)
  • Last three (3) asset account statements (ALL PAGES) for all asset accounts. (This includes checking, savings, money market, CD, IRA, Stock, Mutual Fund and 401K Statements). Internet print outs are not acceptable to the lender. If you are providing account statements print outs from your bank they must be signed and stamped by the teller
  • Bankruptcy papers (schedule of assets/liabilities & discharge) if applicable
  • Latest retirement statement(s) - ALL PAGES/all borrowers (401K, pension, annuity)
  • Last 12 Cancelled Rent or Mortgage Payment Checks or Bank Statements (If available, this will show us your exact principal balance and the balance in your escrow account)
  • Current landlord’s name, address, and telephone number Current and up-dated lease for all rental properties
  • Copies of separation or Divorce Decree; support order and property settlement agreement, if applicable
  • If you are using child support or alimony to qualify, you must show a one (1) year history printout from Domestic Relations indicating you are receiving payments. Please provide evidence indicating three (3) years of continuance of these payments
  • Letter of explanation for all of the inquiries on your credit report in the last 90 days. Please specify if any new debt had been obtained through these inquiries.
  • Copy of award letter for Social Security income with proof of deposit into bank account, if applicable or copy of check
  • VA Eligibility Certificate (VA Borrowers) DD214 - discharge documents (VA Borrowers)


  • Copy of fully executed agreement of sale for the property being purchase (all pages, all addendums)
  • Real estate listing agreement or agreement of sale for your current home


  • Note, Mortgage or REC, and Title Policy
  • Payment Coupon Book
  • Homeowner’s (Hazard) Insurance Policy

The sooner we receive all of the above items that pertain to you, the faster we can get your mortgage commitment to you. We might need additional items after we review the above. Please review the above items with your CLG Mortgage Banker to see which of the above items, we need to process your loan.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you with your home financing.

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